About Jacar Press


This year Jacar Press will donate $2 from each book sold to a charity of your choice. Go to our Contact link for details. 

Publishing Full-Length Collections, Chapbooks, Anthologies, and Limited Edition Collectible Book Art

Jacar Press believes that writing still matters.

A ‘story’ by Alan King about the reading from Resisting Arrest Poems to Stretch the Sky, at the Potter’s House in D.C. on December 1, 2016.  Resisting Arrest was just cited as one of the Ten Best Poetry Books of 2016 by the Beltway Poetry Review.

Although at times we seem to be living in a post-print era, the need for the written word, the ideas, emotions, and beauty only a poem, story, essay, or novel can convey, is greater than ever. We seek to support writers who offer their unflinching vision of the world.

At Jacar Press we believe that writers should be treated with respect and dignity. Writers and publishers should be allies, not antagonists, working together with each other. A writer’s job is to witness the world, and share that witness. This work is difficult and essential. A publisher’s job is to bring that work to readers. We do not ask our writers to pre-sell copies, nor do we push them to hustle their work.  We work hard to arrange readings and workshop opportunities for those we publish, and support our writers in opportunities they create.  We don’t ‘own’ our writers.  We are thrilled when people we publish go on to publish at other literary presses, expand their audience. We continue to support them as they develop their careers.

Jacar Press also believes that the business of writing can, and should, be a positive force in communities. We fund writing workshops in under-served communities, such as centers for women who have been abused, prisons, literacy classes, refugee programs, homeless shelters and elsewhere.  We also make direct donations to organizations doing community work, and most recently have supported  

Black Lives Matter
Doctors Without Borders
Durham Literacy Council
Environmental Defense Fund
Orange County Rape Crisis Center
Song(LGBTQ activism)
Syrian Refugee Relief
American Civil Liberty Union
Dakota Access Pipeline Fund
Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival

One – an online magazine.

Jacar Press publishes an award-winning online magazine, One. Poets may submit one poem for consideration per issue.  There is no fee to submit.  Our contributors have included poets who have won the Pulitzer Prize, a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant, been National Book Award finalists. Writers from Nigeria, Lebanon, Ireland, Costa Rica, India, Scotland, England and the U.S. For more details visit One.

In addition to publishing books, a magazine and serving communities, Jacar Press offers low-cost online classes for writers, as well as Community Writing Workshops. We sponsor an annual award, The Julie Suk Award, for the best book of poetry published by a literary press.  Check out our Submissions page for information on publishing opportunities.