New Voices

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Raising the Sky by Howard L. Craft has been selected as the first publication in the Jacar Press New Voices series.

“Raising the Sky  is unpretentious, attempts no lofty poetic experiments with heavy themes but rather surges with philosophy caked on the sneaker bottoms of young slickster/trickster wannabes, and top-shelf gold standard prose shuffled across army fatigue blankets. Howard Craft allows the reader to perceive the moments, landscapes, and particulars of his own brand of Southern urbanism. He takes us there. Place. Physicality. His poetry becomes the hushed drum carrying the meter of persistence, racial identity, and invocations of the immensity… in which the unavoidable are saddled hip to hip to joy and revelation.

These poems remind us that our ancestors continue to whisper in our ears, remind us that we are at the helm steering ourselves, on our own terms, through yet another Middle Passage.” 
                — Jaki Shelton Green


The New Voices series is aimed at bringing diverse voices and perspectives to print. We will be looking for work by poets who write outside traditional expectations, from the U.S. and beyond. Each year, during the month of June we will accept submissions for consideration for this series.

Series editor Jaki Shelton Green, a North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame inductee, is the recipient of many awards including  the North Carolina Award for Literature, Sam Ragan Award for contributions to the Fine Arts of North Carolina, and the first NC Piedmont Laureate (2007). She is the author of numerous books of poetry, most recently  Feeding the Light (Jacar Press).