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Note, proceeds from Resisting Arrest are already committed to the Urban League for a scholarship fund for African-American youth.


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ISBNs by Title

Title Author/Editors ISBN
A Dog’s Life Adam Scheffler 978-0-936481-11-1
After the Three Moon Era Gary Fincke 978-0-936481-08-1
Amaranthine Hour Chera Hammons 978-0-9845740-6-3
An Elegy Benjamin S. Grossberg 978-0-936481-14-2
Anonymous Monique-Adelle Callahan D. 978-0-936481-21-0
Ardor Tina Kelley 978-0-936481-20-3
Astir Kevin Boyle 978-0-9897952-9-6
Astonished to Wake Julie Suk 978-0-9364810-5-0
…and love Ed. Krawiec, Elrod, Kaufman 978-0-9845740-4-9
Bitter Acoustic Sharon Fagan McDermott 978-0-9845740-5-6
Creeks of the Upper South Amy Wright & William Wright 978-0-87775-949-2
Dante’s Anteroom Margaret Rabb 978-0-936481-10-4
Dazzle Alison Stone 978-0-936481-18-0
Delicate Thefts Debra Kaufman 978-0-9897952-8-9
Disquiet Kelly Michels 978-0-936481-06-7
Duet Dorianne Laux & Joseph Millar 978-0-936481-16-6
Feeding the Light Jaki Shelton Green 978-0-9897952-3-4
The Garden of Persuasions Maura High 978-0-9897952-2-7
Ghazal Cosmopolitan Shadab Zeest Hashmi 978-0-936481-22-7
The Girlhood Book of Prairie Myths Sandy Longhorn 978-0-9897952-0-3
Gnomon Cynthia Huntington 978-0-936481-15-9
How Small, Confronting Morning Lola Haskins 978-0-936481-04-3
Intimacy Ed. Kaufman, Krawiec, Levin, Parker 978-0-936481-07-4
In Case of Sudden Free Fall Deborah Bogen 978-0-936481-17-3
Life Without Furniture Sharon Fagan McDermott 978-0-936481-25-8
Marks of the Witch Catherine Carter 978-0-9897952-6-5
Music from Small Towns Al Maginnes 978-0-9897952-5-8
The Next Moment Debra Kaufman 978-0-9845740-2-5
Notes for a Praise Book Jeff Hardin 978-0-9845740-7-0
Raising the Sky Howard Craft 978-0-936481-13-5
Reckoning Edison Jennings 978-0-9845740-9-4
Resisting Arrest Tony Medina 978-0-936481-09-8
The Road to Ballyvaughan Gibbons Ruark 978-0-9364810-3-6
Smoke of Her Body Stephanie Levin 978-0-9845740-3-2
The Sound of Poets Cooking Ed. Richard Krawiec 978-0-9845740-0-1
Steal Away Shelby Stephenson 978-0-9897952-1-0
The Vishnu Bird Kathryn Stripling Byer 978-0-9897952-7-2
Threshing Floor Renee Emerson 978-0-936481-12-8
What Matters Ed. Krawiec, Kaufman, Levin 978-0-9845740-8-7
Widow Poems Betty Adcock 978-0-9897952-4-1
Yes, We Be Patrick Howell 978-0-936481-23-4